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Porsche Accident

Porsche accident crash damaged smashed hit burned roll sideswipe scraped engine blewup failed total injury injured steps to take

If your Porsche is involved in an accident or has a blown engine or damage, we are hoping you are insured.
If you are not call us! 
We’ll give you a quote
Swap insurance info with other party
Call your agent / insurance company
Call us!
Have insurance investigator give you the estimate for repair with the parts needed.
If the insurance company approve to have fixed, save money and call us for parts! 
If the insurance company declares a total loss discuss purchasing the car back and call us!
Negotiate if they provide quote for payout.  Provide compatible cars to yours as proof.  Don't let them rely on KBB
We buy cars at wholesale pricing but you won't need to deal with the public, unsafe transactions, tire kickers / time wasters, extensive questions...
We’ll need to know:
Year / model (or base)
Damage / problems
Parts list needed from adjustor (if avail) 
Title type / State / in hand, is your name listed / Liens (will need to see copy of title)
Extras / upgrades
CarFax (if avail)
Where located, will you deliver or needs transport
Price asking