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Visiting LA Dismantler, the shop of Porsche parts queen Sara Porsche Dakarmen

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The mission of LA Dismantler.. keeping Porsches on the road

Sara Porsche Dakarmen is a name that virtually everybody who’s active in the Porsche scene knows. Long blond hair, good looking, a great smile on her face, and always happy to have a talk with you. It may sound a bit like a cliche, telling you wouldn’t expect a lady like Sara to be a celebrity in Porsche circles. But she is.. she definitely is. And that was reason enough for us to bring a visit to Sara’s shop LA Dismantler.


Sara Porsche Dakarmen at the LA Lit Show

Short history of LA Dismantler

LA Dismantler is a show with a history that goes back almost 30 years. The shop actually started as a Honda specific salvage yard business. The owner of the shop, Todd Dakarmen, who unfortunately passed away in 2018, had a passion for Porsche too. He used to work on Porsche’s as soon as a teenager, often with the help of Sara, his girlfriend at the time. Porsche become more an more serious for them, and they started a Porsche salvage yard.

Now about 20 years later, LA Dismantler has grown into a multi-million dollar business. Sara Porsche Dakarmen and her team make sure many Porsches stay on the road. The complete warehouse of LA Dismantler is packed with thousands of Porsche parts. No matter what you need, from the smallest part to a complete engine, LA Dismantler may have in stock what you need.


2002 Beetle Turbo S with RUF inspiration

During our visit, there was one car that immediately caught our attention. A car that we didn’t even know it existed. The silver grey 2002 Beetle Turbo S with RUF on the bonnet, and wearing RUF shoes. Sara Porsche Dakarmen learned us this was a 2002 Beetle Turbo S, that was turned into a one-off car. Steve Gaspar, a VW and Porsche passionate, wanted something special. With the help of the RUF Auto Centre in Texas, they turned the Beetle into a makeover complete inspired by RUF.  This one-off is now available for sale at LA Dismantler.




Mor information regarding that car, or in case you need a part for your Porsche, you should call LA Dismantler, or jump in.

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