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Location Filming

Filming / Photoshoot / Location / Entertainment / Scouts


Porsche Yard Available - Automotive Salvage Junkyard
Our shop / yard & Porsches have been featured in:


TV Shows / Scripted / Reality
Music videos / bands / solo artists
Magazine Photo Shoots
Magazine articles
Blogs / Vlogs
Many more...


Questions we’ll ask:

How long? Hours / days
Working or closed hours?
Indoor / outdoor?
How interruptive?
Sound requirements ie. quiet on set?
On site or want to take cars away?
How many people?
Do we need to assist?
What publicity will we get out of it?
When is the expected airing of the project?
Who / what will be featured?
How did you find us?
Do you have any other location Scouts we can get in contact with? We’ve had a lot of filming and are always looking to expand.
You’ll need to sign safety releases prior to filming
Contact the team who will get in touch with the owner.


*Please answer questions and add any additional information in contact form*