About Us



Los Angeles Dismantler specializes in late model (1980 and up) 911, 993, 996 and Boxster cars, new and used parts.  Los Angeles Dismantler has the largest inventory of the best salvaged parts at reasonable prices.  New inventory is updated on a regular basis and items are priced low to turnover quickly.  

 Los Angeles Dismantler was established in 1995 in Sun Valley, near Burbank and only minutes from Los Angeles.



Why buy from Los Angeles Dismantler? The founder is a Porsche owner and aficionado.

Todd bought his first Porsche at age sixteen and has taken more cars apart than most body shops.  Almost every person in his family is a Porsche driver and while Los Angeles Dismantler started as a hobby it has evolved into a business that understands and supports Porsche owners and their needs.  You will find hard to locate parts at hard to beat prices.  LA Dismantler provides value to customers by standing behind the name and does its best to deliver quality and value using integrity and  fair business practices.

Customers will experience responsive, professional service, with the added bonus of extensive product knowledge, and technical expertise.  We started this business with you in mind and will provide you with unprecedented service. LA Dismantler will exceed your expectations.



Los Angeles Dismantler's philosophy and ambition is to become the leading dismantler of Porsche automobiles and parts. Los Angeles Dismantler prides itself on being one of the cleanest salvage facilities in the industry.  Los Angeles Dismantler has received recognition by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and State Water Resources Control Board for properly disposing of waste



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