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We are one of the worlds largest suppliers of used Porsche parts.

We stay very active in the Porsche community, attending race events and keeping up with our brand image.

We cater to the DIY guys, body shops, insurance agents, Porsche dealers, and of course the gearheads who cant stay off the race tracks.

Our staff are very unique characters to say the least. They work well together like one big family unit.

Take the time to meet the crew that keeps LA Dismantler at the top of their game.



Todd is at the reins of LA Dismantler.

When its Porsche parts you are looking for, if he hasn't got it, he can get it.

He know's just about everything there is to know about Porsche's.

His brain is like a computerized inventory system and he can always tell you what he has in stock.

He is aggressivley fast paced but laid back.

Well known and respected in the world wide Porsche community.



Sara is the Co-Owner of LA Dismantler.

A Porsche enthusiast that studied at Pepperdine University.

As smart as she is beautiful, she works hard and plays hard too.

Nothing gets past her and she has grown the company into what it is today.

True multi tasker, respected, feared and very determined.

Sara loves her family.



Caleb is head of sales at LA Dismantler.

He loves to joke with his customers & co-workers but gets down to business when needed.

He is good friends with Peter & they hang out on a regular basis and always help eachother out in the office.

Caleb is a V8 fan and drives a 1999 Corvette FRC.


Peter is the jack of all trades, wheels, PCM, engine, body and interior specialist.

Hard worker and people pleaser. Never wants to let anyone down.

If he's not busy with your Porsche, he is tuning his guitar.

G.I. Joe

Joe is one of our youngest empoyees.

He is the current shop manager. If you need something done fast then GI Joe is your guy.

Earned his nickname from wearing camo pants to work everyday.