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Speedball - Custom 964 Speedster


Speedball - 1994 - 964 Speedster.

Is was 3 am on July 14 2005. My two year old, Tate had woken me and I could not go back to sleep. So to kill time, I got on line to look for cars. I got onto eBay. Looking for 1989 turbos or 1994 turbos or Speedster or for a 1997 turbo s. First I looked at a 1989 911 and turbo did not find anything. Then modified my search to 1994 911. There it was, 1994 speedster with black on black. Clean. Car had 100,000 miles. All factory parts, original paint, matching vins and stickers. Asking price was $29,999,00 "buy it now" just posted. I looked at the add carefully but did not recognize the sellers user name. He had high feed back with some negative comments. So I took a chance and clicked "buy it now" keeping my fingers crossed that it a real deal and resume my search. Did not find anything and went to bed. The next morning I get a call for shop that I sell parts to. Its Bill from Westside. "Good morning Todd, this is Bill" he said. "What are you doing up at 3 am, buying cars ? Where you drunk and clicked but it now mistake ?" I told him I had no idea that was his car. I asked him to tell me about it.

He said it was a very clean car, owned by an older gentleman who was a doctor. All highway miles ! (this is the line every used car salesman is preprogrammed to tell you) So I told him, if the car was as he described it, I would go past and pick it up. So I took a drive down there and sure enough the car was exactly as described.

Drove the car home that day. I was very happy with it. This was by no means my first Speedster.

At the time I owned a 1994 Speedster with only 3000 miles and a 1989 Speedster with 4000 miles. So this would be a grate daily driver for me. The next day I drove the car to my shop I had my shop manager Sam take a closer look at it.

Interior 1 thru 10 is an 8

Body and paint 1 thru 10 is 7

Drivetrain 1 thru 10 is a 9

We put the car on the lift and had a look underneath. All the suspension, steering. undertray, wheels & tires were in perfect condition. California car so there was no rust. Only serious issue, was the A/C was not blowing ice cold. It was low on freon, luckily it was a 134 system not r12 which was banned in the States in 1998. This was the first year that Porsche converted there system to r134. So it was a easy fix.

I was driving the car with the top down, enjoying the California summer. Fall came around and it started to rain. I didnt want to drive the car in the rain, so I stored it at my warehouse. Everytime my friend Bob Wake would come round he would ask me to sell the car to him over and over. On June of 2007 we were moving in to our new facility at 9819 Glenoaks Blvd. Bob Wake stopped by my shop and again asked me to sell the car to him. So I went ahead with the sale and sold the car to him.

Now let me tell you a little bit about my friend Bob Wake. He and I have been friends for almost 15 years.

He works for Porsche and VW design center. These are the guys that make cars out of clay and all concept cars that you see at autoshows.

to be continued ...