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2015 In Summary


2015 has been nothing short of exciting. This year has seen many changes, expansions, and upgrades. We've expanded our shop up and out! Adding more and more cars each week to our already impressive inventory. We've also increased our involvement with the local and national PCA, supporting more events this year than every before. We understand that Porsche is as much about the people as it is the cars. Here is a quick recap of our 2015!


This year we have supported more Porsche events than ever before! We've become more involved both locally and nationally with the PCA and other non PCA events. We understand that Porsches are just as much about the people as they are the cars. The Porsche community is such a diverse group of amazing people from all walks of life and we are proud to be a part of it.

Porsche Parade

French Lick, IN

Rennsport Reunion V

Monterey, CA

Werks Reunion

Monterey, CA


Las Vegas, NV

Other Events:

-PCA Los Angeles Concours, Santa Monica Museum of Flight

-PCA OCR White Glove Concours

-PCA SBR Autocross

-California Festival of Speed

-Lit Meet Open House @LA Dismantler


Los Angeles Dismantler advertises and has been featured in many different Porsche magazines and online site. We've added more for 2015 and we re looking to expand even further in 2016!

-Excellence Magazine

-Total 911(UK)

-911 & Porsche World(UK)


-PORSCHErama(Club magazine)

-Der Auspuff(Club Magazine)

-The Drifter(Club Magazine)


-6speed Online(Forum)


We've Been Expanding:

This year has seen some big changes physically for us. We've expanded up and out by adding more space to our three story warehouse and purchasing a new property down the street for more cars and overflow. 

From all of us here at LA Dismantler we are wishing you a happy New Year! Here's to 2016!